Why Read Life in a Vineyard?

As I seek a publisher, the manuscript is being refined. That’s why this draft is free. I edit and refine about a chapter a week and when I’m done it goes into the “Editor’s Draft.” We’re on the path of book publishing and I’m putting in photos and being ruthless with things. The new chapters will exist for another six months and then I’ll reissue as a finished book on Substack. - patrick

A year’s literary journal in wine country starting just before the arrival of the pandemic and how Napa Valley endured firestorms, smoke, drought, and Covid.

Written as in a journal-style 15 Chapters, Life in a Vineyard, starts in 2019 and enters 2020 and a global pandemic. Read about the night of 10,000 lightning strikes, the Glass Fire, how covid shut down Napa tourism, and what it looks like in an already beautiful valley when people go away.

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